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BMW Z8 - a model of a two-seater sports car with an aluminum body. The prototype was introduced in the fall of 1997 in Tokyo, the production model of the…

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Alfa Romeo Spider
Alfa Romeo Spider - a luxury front-wheel drive sports convertible class "grand tourism", a joint development with Pininfarina. This model was first shown in 1994 in Paris. The two-seater Spider…

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Ford Tourneo Connect
Ford Tourneo Connect was presented at the Geneva Motor Show 2003. The car is produced at the Ford Otosan factory in Turkey. It looks quite modest, but at the same…

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Ford Tourneo Connect

Ford Tourneo Connect was presented at the Geneva Motor Show 2003. The car is produced at the Ford Otosan factory in Turkey. It looks quite modest, but at the same time stylish and modern. A wide doorway provides the most comfortable fit. Describing the interior, we recall that the Tourneo is not a business class crew, but a commercial, delivery car. Therefore, high-quality gray plastic is partially used in the finishes, but it is shockproof and easy to wash. Niches, shelves, cup holders and pockets are everywhere.

The body of the van, despite its impressive dimensions, does not look bulky due to the rather short hood and a large glazing area. Tourneo is an excellent assistant in the delivery of any goods. The creators thought through everything to the smallest detail so that the driver and passengers were as comfortable and Continue reading

Ford Taurus

Taurus debuted in 1985 in Los Angeles. The front-wheel drive, mid-size Taurus was available in only two bodies: a four-door sedan and a station wagon. The curb weight of the car was about 1450 kg with a wheelbase of 2.7 m. The futuristic form of the Ford Taurus did not have a radiator grill, but just a panel in body color, where Ford’s oval was located between the headlights. Due to the large glass area and narrow racks, the car had excellent visibility.

Taurus was introduced in four versions: L, MT-5, GL and LX. The L and MT-5 models were quite simple, equipped with a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine that developed 90 hp. These modifications had the main difference in the transmission: L was supplied with a 3-speed automatic transmission of the ATX type, and MT-5 with a Continue reading

Fiat Uno

The Fiat Uno Class B front-wheel drive hatchback was introduced by FIAT in March 1983 in Geneva. Its appearance on the market contributed to the restoration of lost positions by this automaker during the energy crisis of the 70s. The model was the result of the largest financial investments for that time in the history of the company, and the hopes came true: Uno was a huge success in its segment and became truly massive.

In the early years of its production, every third car manufactured in Italy wore this brand. Namely, “number one” – Uno remained the most popular on the Apennine peninsula for more than a decade. Over the years, Continue reading

Ferrari 250

Ferrari with an index of 250 were produced from 1954 until the end of the 60s in numerous modifications, most of which were assembled “individually” or in very limited quantities. All the 250s were a 2-door rear-wheel drive coupe “berlinetta” with a hard (hardtop) or open (convertible) top and belonged to the GT class – Grand Tourismo, but in essence they were real supercars. The name of the model comes from the number of “cubes” (cm³) per cylinder – 250.

The production of the Ferrari 250 GT model with a three-liter engine from Gioacchino Colombo for more than a decade (until 1968) established for Ferrari the unofficial title of “master of the roads”. Up to 20 Continue reading

Ferrari F 360 Modena

The most popular and most affordable Ferrari car was the F360 Modena, which got its name in honor of the city where Enzo Ferrari was born. This sports rear-wheel drive 2-seater coupe was first introduced in Geneva on March 9, 1999 as a successor to the most popular F355 at the time. Subsequently, the F360 share in the production of all manufactured Ferrari cars began to make up 2/3, it was produced from April 1999 to October 2004. The Ferrari 360 Modena was replaced in 2005 by the F430.

In addition to Modena, there are also other versions with this index: the F360 Challenge Stradale (F360 CS) and the F360 Spider convertible, equipped with a top that automatically folds in 20 seconds and, in Continue reading

Aston Martin Rapide
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