Honda Stepwgn
Honda Stepwgn is a mid-size minivan that stands out for its capacity and height. Unlike the Honda Odyssey and Honda Stream, it can accommodate up to eight people. The first…

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Hyundai Sonata
The story of Sonata began in 1988 when the first generation of this model was introduced. Initially, all Hyundai Sonata came with 4-cylinder injection engines with a working volume of…

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Audi V8
In autumn 1988, the world saw the top version of Audi - Audi V8. This executive-class car was produced in two versions: a sedan (4875x1815x1420 mm) and a Lang with…

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Opel Vectra

In 1988, the obsolete Opel Ascona was replaced by the Opel Vectra. The first generation of this now very popular car is usually denoted by the index “A”. The car immediately gained popularity among drivers and became the bestseller of the Opel brand. Creating Opel Vectra, designers paid great attention to the strength of the body. In addition, it has excellent anti-corrosion resistance.

Vectra A was produced with the bodies of a four-door sedan and a five-door hatchback with a transverse engine. Cars were offered with front-wheel or all-wheel drive.

Vectra with front drive wheels is a completely traditional design for cars of the 80s. Front suspension – like McPherson, rear – with associated trailing arms. They are rigidly connected by a transverse beam of steel V-shaped profile, which, working on torsion, helps the anti-roll bar. So that the loading surface of the trunk floor is wide enough and low, the suspension arms are lowered below the axles of the wheels, where they are supported by barrel-shaped, very small coil springs. The main advantage of this scheme is a roomy trunk.

The range of power units was presented: 1.6 l, 75 hp; 1.8 l, 88 h.p .; 2.0 liters, 115 hp and a 1.7 liter diesel engine with 57 hp

For the most part, Vectra A is equipped with 5-speed gearboxes, however, there are versions with 4-speed and automatic.

At the end of 1989, all-wheel drive versions “4×4” and “2000 4×4” began to be produced, on which engines of 1.8 and 2 liters were installed, respectively. However, differing in the transmission and rear suspension, being more expensive and slightly more voracious, the all-wheel drive Vectra was not very successful in Europe.

In 1990, the Vectra GT hatchback appeared. This model is equipped with a gearbox with sports gear ratios, a sports suspension, a sports salon and more powerful engines.

In the autumn of 1990, the Vectra 2000 16V was released. Equipped with a powerful 150-horsepower sixteen-valve engine.

In 1992, a minor update of the model. Automobiles with body-colored bumpers and mirrors, a modified grille and other other features that distinguished the updated models from previous versions left the assembly line.

Two new engines appeared: a V-shaped “six” 2.5 L, which fully complies with the environmental standards of Euro II and a 2-liter turbo engine.

In 1994, to the existing modifications – GL, GLS, GT and CD were added more expensive: “CD Diamond”, “Special”, “Sport”, V6 and a luxury model CDX.

In limited quantities, the Vectra 4×4 turbo model was produced with a capacity of 204 hp.

In total, more than 2 million copies of Vectra A were released.

In 1995, a new, second in a row, generation Opel Vectra with the B. index was released. The novelty was presented in three versions at once – with sedan, hatchback and station wagon bodies. Powertrain Vectra V gasoline engine 2.0 16V Ecotec series. Ecotec technology (economy / ecology / technology) ensures engine quality and reliability. The exterior of this generation is not much different from the previous generation. A characteristic feature of this generation is the extended standard equipment of the car. By its design and technical solutions applied for the first time in 1995, Vectra B will remain among the market leaders for a long time to come. One of these solutions is the patented pedal assembly; its feature is that in the event of a collision, the brake and clutch pedals are disconnected from their mounts, thus preventing severe driver injuries.

In 1999, Vectra underwent face lifting. Front / rear bumpers, mirrors and taillights were updated.

Ergonomic driver’s seat satisfies the most sophisticated taste. A height-adjustable leather-trimmed steering wheel in combination with a height-adjustable driver’s seat allows you to choose the most comfortable position. The interior is made in a single color scheme. The on-board computer display is located so that it is constantly in the driver’s field of vision. An effective heating and air conditioning system will create the desired coolness in the summer, and cozy warmth in the winter. Allergy sufferers will highly appreciate the ventilation system filter, which is able to retain pollen.

The safety of the driver and passengers is ensured by a reinforced structure with side shock-absorbing beams that absorb shock energy during deformations of the body. Additional safety for the driver is provided by the telescopic steering column, as well as the suspension of the brake and clutch pedals, which are disconnected in a collision. Safety belts with a pyrotechnic device are stretched when struck on the shoulders and belt at the same time. Front airbags are deployed through a multi-channel sensor system. The rear seats are equipped with 3-point seat belts and adjustable head restraints, which ensures the safety of passengers.

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