Honda Stepwgn
Honda Stepwgn is a mid-size minivan that stands out for its capacity and height. Unlike the Honda Odyssey and Honda Stream, it can accommodate up to eight people. The first…

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Hyundai Sonata
The story of Sonata began in 1988 when the first generation of this model was introduced. Initially, all Hyundai Sonata came with 4-cylinder injection engines with a working volume of…

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Cadillac Fleetwood
Fleetwood Metal Body was opened on April 1, 1909 in Fleetwood, PA. It was an independent bodybuilding company until it was acquired by Fisher Body, a division of General Motors.…

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Audi S6

Audi S6 is an all-wheel drive sports car.
In August 1995, sports versions of the Audi A6 sedan and station wagon appeared, which were called S6 and S6 Avant, respectively. At the heart of these models is the all-wheel drive platform Audi A6 Quattro. In the fall of 1999, updated sports equipment S6 / S6 Avant appeared.

S6 and A6 are distinguished by an additional emblem on the radiator grill, a 20 mm lower body fit due to a tightened suspension, low-profile tires and light-alloy 17 or 18-inch wheels. The clearance of the S6 is reduced by 10 mm compared to the A6, the front wheel track has become wider by 38, and the rear one – by 21 mm. The wheels respond to the slightest bumps in the road and the driver needs to hold the steering wheel so that the Audi can move straight ahead.

Rigid sports suspension, Recaro seats, wheels, enhanced braking system determine the sporty character of the S6. Optionally, a 6-speed manual gearbox or Tiptronic 5-band automatic transmission can be installed on the vehicles.

Audi S6 Avant is a sports wagon, which combines the qualities of 3 Audi cars: sports dynamics, utility wagon and the reliability of an all-wheel drive SUV. The powerful S6 Avant is able to accelerate from a standstill to a speed of 100 km / h in 6.8 seconds and reach a speed of over 230 km / h. The all-wheel drive system distributes torque so competently that it is almost impossible to cause wheel slippage at start-up. In normal mode, the distribution of torque between the axles occurs in a ratio of 50/50.

Excellent handling is ensured by the aluminum sports suspension and quattro all-wheel drive system, which provides unrivaled directional stability and impressive handling in corners regardless of the quality of the road surface.

The interior of the Audi car is extremely comfortable and well insulated from street sounds and drafts. The climate control system and heated seats provide you with a pleasant ride and protect you from the weather. The interior is finished with soft materials. The seats themselves are very comfortable and physiological, despite the fact that the pillows are quite soft.

S6 doors have strong locks and close and open with force. The interior panels are made of natural wood in combination with chrome and high-quality plastic. All knobs and buttons are pressed very easily.

On the S6 installed xenon headlights equipped with wipers, fog lights, electric heated mirrors.

Safety for the driver and passengers is ensured by airbags mounted in the front and side panels of the Audi. And even if all-wheel drive does not save you from trouble (or vice versa, causes them), Audi’s stability control system (ESP) will help you avoid accidents.

If standard equipment is not enough for you, you can optionally equip your Audi car with Audi with a rear seat heating system, Audi with a GPS navigation system, a mobile phone with hands-free function and parking sensors.

If the rear seatbacks in the Audi S6 Avant are raised, then the cargo volume is 1 cubic meter. By lowering the backs of the rear seats, you can increase the cargo space to 2 cubic meters.

Since 1995, the Audi S6 has been equipped with an engine that it inherited from its predecessor, S4: a 230-horsepower 2.2-liter V6 (AAN). Since 1999, a highly-accelerated 4.2-liter V8 gasoline engine has been installed, developing a power of 340 hp.

The excellent dynamic characteristics of the S6 model are combined with the highest level of comfort, active and passive safety.

The premiere of the third generation Audi S6 took place in 2006 as part of the international auto show that opened in Detroit. S6 – the long-awaited sports modification of the already familiar A6. The car is available both in the sedan version and in the versatile version – S6 Avant. The latter combines exceptional versatility and ease of use with a pronounced sporting character. The difference in weight between the sedan and the station wagon is only 60 kilograms.

Audi S6 – a car that is excellent in almost all respects, represents the latest embodiment of Audi’s sports philosophy, and aims to strengthen and continue the glorious tradition of the brand.

The Audi S6 can be distinguished from the base models by a slightly different front bumper with LED fog lights integrated into it, as well as by the S6 nameplates on the radiator grille and the boot lid and shiny metal cases of the side mirrors. Everything is in the style and traditions of the cars with the letter S. Elegant touches emphasize the masculinity of appearance. The main thing is the arches expanded by 14 mm, which unobtrusively adjusted the silhouette of the car. In the arches – 18-inch wheels with a special design (maybe 19-inch)

The front part has acquired a new false radiator grille with large cells and vertical rods trimmed with aluminum. Door moldings have expanded.

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